Increasing value and increasing interest

WHY THE UK REMAINS ONE OF THE MOST DISTINGUISHED AND ATTRACTIVE CBI PROGRAMS The UK Tier 1 Investor program has, over the past years of its existence, brought in a steady revenue.  The program continues to attract wealthy non-EU applicants into the UK who, in exchange for a £2 million investment in the UK economy, … Read More

Tech investment calls out to potential investors

GROWING UK TECH INDUSTRY SUPPORTIVE OF UK ENTREPRENEUR VISA PROGRAM After much debate and discussion in recent years in respect to curbing the ever increasing UK Immigration, the UK Government is closely monitoring current immigration policies with a view to building an immigration system which is fair to both migrants and the citizens of UK. … Read More

Legitmate funds key to program

IMPORTANCE OF THE RIGHT SOURCE OF FUNDS AND PROJECT TYPE FOR SUCCESSFUL EB5 APPLICATION The future of EB5 was most significantly at stake towards the end of 2015 when it was decided by the Senate that the program needed review.  Investors eagerly awaited news from 16th December 2015 onward, when the program was officially put on hold, … Read More

What makes Spain so attractive

SPANISH GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM STILL SEEN AS BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT The Golden Visa Program was introduced on the market not much longer after Portugal introduced their very own Golden Visa scheme. Both countries competed in attracting wealthy non EU individuals into investing in their fallen economies in exchange for a permanent residency, subsequently leading … Read More

New IIP economic program starts to build interest

Malta looks to strengthen its offering with new program and requirements The Maltese government is currently reviewing their offerings to the global citizenship by investment community following on from the success of their current program.  The Individual Investor Program is one of Europe’s leading CBI programs and has attracted investors from the World over. Despite … Read More

New routes see increase in popularity

NEW INVESTMENT ROUTES MAKE PORTUGAL’S GOLDEN VISA PROGRAM HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE AND INVESTMENT FRIENDLY The Government of Portugal announced new investment routes following the Canada’s decision to close its doors to would be investors by scrapping their Citizenship by Investment program. With uncertainty over the USA’s EB5 program and the UK tightening its own program requirements, … Read More


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR FUTURE AND CURRENT INVESTORS? WE ADVISE TO APPLY BEFORE THE PROPOSED CHANGES TO EB5 PROGRAM ARE IMPLEMENTED On September 30th, 2015 the wildly popular EB5-Regional Centre Program – the tool that offers foreign investors a green card in exchange for economic investment – expired. Created in early 1990s as a … Read More

How one program restored its reputation

IS THE ST KITTS AND NEVIS CITIZENSHIP PROGRAM STILL ATTRACTIVE? The Government of St Kitts and Nevis has long prided itself on the prestige of its citizenship by investment program. On the market since 1984, the longest running economic program has been considered to be the best is highly respected and highly lucrative in the … Read More

New visa waiver programs

 GRENADA SIGNS VISA WAIVER WITH SCHENGEN ZONE AND CHINA The strength and credibility of the Grenadian passport continue to rise. With this year’s announcement of Grenada signing a visa waiver with the Schengen Zone and most recently with China, the Grenadian passport received a significant boost in its ranking. Overall, this move has embedded the … Read More

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