Schooling children at the best educational establishments is the common aim of any parents around the world. Choosing the right school for your children always depends on their academic needs, abilities and the available education systems It is challenging to accommodate all your needs and your children’s expectations in the schools, colleges or universities available in your home country. Therefore, it is increasingly commonplace amongst certain individuals to educate their children at international schools outside of their country of birth where the curriculum is taught in English, is based on international standards and recognised worldwide.

Such establishments not only allow your children to integrate more easily and are geared towards international students, but also play an important part in your children’s development by helping them to be more ambitious, improve their self-confidence and encourage them build the life skills required for great success in life and work.  Whether or not you intend for your children to become the next capable heirs and effective leaders of your business empire and manage your wealth from generation to generation, or you simply want an  international education for your child, citizenship by investment programs are the ultimate tools to unlocking opportunity and access to the best educational systems around the world.


Having a residence right in an alternative country will ensure that, in times when suitable health care in one’s country of birth is unavailable, the individual has a choice in locating a substitute medical service that often is more competent and accessible 24 hours a day.

By participating in a citizenship by investment program you acquire enhanced access to the best medical care for you and your family at the first signs of ill health. A truly priceless tool that leads to peace of mind and greater personal security.


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  • Absolutely Professional; this is the least I can say about the quality of the service I received from Regency Elite during 8 months of preparations to get a second passport. The idea came to my mind in September 2015 and I received a full legal Dominica Passport in May 2016. The process was full of details due to the fact that I have lived in many countries. During the long process all staff of the company and its sister company “Westkin” were very helpful and supportive. On the top of them was Darina Netopil, the Case Manager who replied to every email I sent regardless the time of the day or how complicated was my enquiry. Darina made the process simple although it is actually a complicated one. After all I feel free holding a second citizenship and a passport allows me to travel to nearly all over the world without visa.

    Dominica Passport – Middle Eastern Investor

  • Having considered citizenship by investment programmes previously without deciding to go ahead, the team at Regency Elite were able to demonstrate the benefits of each individual programme and walk me through the process. Regency Elite were knowledgeable, efficient and liaised with me often about the status of my application. The aftercare service provided me with a network of investment opportunities and helped me to develop key personal and business connections.

    St Kitts & Nevis Passport – John Carroll

  • After exploring my available options I opted to settle for a citizenship by Investment programme that would give me greater travel feedoms and the opportunity to live in a more secure country for myself and family. Regency Elite assisted my choosing of a programme that best matched by needs and offered me clear instruction as to the required documents, timeline and paperwork. Regency took control of the process without interruption to my day to day life through smooth delivery and clear updates.

    Maltese CBI – Usman Hussain

  • Amir Zaidi and his team at Regency Elite helped me to obtain a Tier 1 UK investor visa with professionalism, speed and expert advice. After close consultation with Amir I was guided through all of the required documents and information that I needed to submit. I was regularly informed of developments within my application and I am grateful to Regency for taking the stress out of the process and managing the entire application.

    Tier 1 UK Investor Visa – Eric Garcia

  • I discovered Regency Elite through an associate who put me into contact with Mr. Amir Zaidi. Amir advised me as to which program would offer the best return for my business investments and Regency Elite helped me with the extensive document checking at every step.  The professionalism, depth of knowledge and speed of service impressed me greatly. 

    Spanish Golden Visa – Abdul El-Ghazzawy

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